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Content Management…

UPDATE — This post was originally from around 2003 and in Internet years might as well be a hundred years ago.  I continue to share it for posterity!

I am setting up my website using what is called a Content Management System or CMS. No idea if that is an official acronym but it’s 3 letters and sounds official.

In a nutshell, now I can update my website easily. There are a couple new things to learn, but anyone could do it. You could for sure. Heck, you probably understand e-mail by now, the process it pretty similar.

Anyway, if you operate a small business or wish to operate a blog let me know. If it is for business I’ll charge a fair amount as I do need to make a living. If it’s for personal use however, I’ll only pass along the hosting cost and domain name for the basic (but still nice) website. I use a program called Textpattern.

If you wish to setup a non-profit or charity type website. Same deal as if personal. I’ll do it for a nice tip. In the past I’ve helped the Gwinnett Children’s Shelter with web hosting, and a local neighborhood that does holiday home tours to help raise money for the kids.

The only stipulation for any work is you must buy me lunch.

Will make websites for food. =)


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