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Before I offer my own service I encourage any do-it-yourselfer out there to give it a shot.  Provided below are what I consider very good resources for stock photos and design websites that are free or low-cost.

If that’s not your deal, please shoot me an email at slowbox@gmail.com and explain a little bit about what you need.  If you anticipate needing regular assistance with web or print I’m happy to meet up or work out details over the phone.


Probably the lowest cost resource for royalty-free stock images and graphics.  They also offer a section of free stock images.  Like a flea-market for buying and selling designs and photos.  If you are a designer or photographer it’s easy to make an account and upload photos and graphics to sell.  I’ve had success selling templates for flyers and posters over the years as well as some decent photos.

Slowbox Stock Images

Royalty Free Stock Photography


Free graphic editor that offers the basics of Photoshop within your web browser.  Save and open a variety of graphic file types from your computer easily.  Does not do high-resolution or vector graphics typical for large scale or crisp professional printing.


If you find yourself in over your head, feel free to contact me slowbox@gmail.com

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