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E-Mail Marketing Tools

Email Marketing Recommendations:

MJML (Responsive Email Design)

If you are into designing responsive emails take a look at this free open source project.  MJML is essentially a set of simplified tags that translate into inline CSS and HTML.  A host of features including an image carousel—even works in Outlook.  I have yet to see a better system for responsive and cross-email client design.


Similar to popular email marketing services (listed below) but about half the monthly rate.  Relatively new to the email marketing scene they utilize MJML templates along with an easy WYSIWYG editor creating for responsive emails.

Constant Contact | Mail Chimp

Both of these services are synonymous with e-mail marketing; spreadsheets of emails can be uploaded, website sign-ups incorporated into website, social media add-ons, and templates for e-mail designs make things easy if you aren’t proficient in HTML.

They aren’t just tools for managing email lists and unsubscribes, these services are recognized by major e-mail services so you’re messages are less likely to land in spam folders automatically.

Although I have used Constant Contact for years, I can’t recommend one over the other.  These are by no means the only or cheapest services, but certainly known and reliable.

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