• Tom Purcell

How to Adjust a Pivot Point in 3DS Max

So are your objects in 3D Studio Max rotating the wrong ways, and you had no luck on the forums trying to get an answer why? I had the same problem, and lucky for you it’s very easy to fix.

Here you go:

An object’s pivot point is the center about which the object is rotated and scaled. Pivot points are usually created at the center of the object when they are created. But if pivot point is all jacked, or you need to move your pivot point, then you can adjust the location of your pivot point by doing the following:

First, click the Hierarchy tab

Now in the Hierarchy panel, click the Pivot button, and click the Adjust Pivot button. Your XYZ Pivot Point is now selectable, and you can move it to your desired position like moving an object in your scene.

Easy as that. If you found this useful at all, do me a favor and click one of my Google sponsors before you split!

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