• Tom Purcell

How to Make a Page Tab a Category in WordPress

So you want to link Categories in the menu at the top of your WordPress blog as Pages?

I found a few convoluted methods before realizing WordPress has this built in, it is just not obvious. Here it is, super easy-like with a handy graphic.

Step 1 Add New page from your dashboard.

Step 2 In the Add New Page title, enter your title.

Step 3 Highlight the title of the page, and click the link button thats in the toolbar of your message area.

See below…

Category as Page Example

Category as Page Example

Step 4 Take note; A new Permalink: [URL] option will appear below your title with an Edit button next to it. It already has the first part of your URL filled in, you will need to fill in the last part of the link with the directory of your category. Just open a new browser, browse to your category and cut+paste it in.

Hit your Publish button, and you are done!

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