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Apple iAd Mobile Advertising

Still my favorite Apple logo.

UPDATE — Apple has since ended this advertising program.  Information below for posterity sake!

Interested in getting started with Apple’s iAd service? Well here are 2 important things to know first about current iAd mobile advertising options. On behalf of Chateau Elan I shot an inquiry to their advertising sales dept to see what, if any, our options are as a medium-sized business with an eye on our budget.

Without flapping my gums to much, I’ll let the email I received from Apple’s sale’s rep Peter Gambino highlight the current entry options for advertising through iPhones, iPads, iTunes, etc.

Hi Tom, Thank you for contacting Apple regarding mobile advertising. There are currently two products on the market: – iAd brand ads are rich-media ad experiences that are delivered to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users through ad supported apps. These are large, brand campaigns that involve media investments in the six figures, as well as creative development, to leverage the features of Apple’s iOS4 platform. – iAd for Developers are ads that enable users to download free and paid Apps from the iTunes App store without leaving their current application. This allows developers to drive downloads and ranking of their apps within the iTunes store. You can also find answers to some frequently asked questions at: http://developer.apple.com/support/resources/iad-network.html#howdoi. I hope this has the information you need, but please reach out if there is anything else. Regards, Peter Gambino

Yes, that is correct. There is a buy-in cost of 6 figures—or $100,000 being a figure I picked up elsewhere. Essentially the iAd service has a huge cost barrier prohibiting entry of medium and small business advertising, or in effect only opening doors to ad agencies. This is in contrast to the Google or Bing approach that has zero initial investment allowing room for the little guy.

The iAd for Developers is for app creators to promote their work. Not getting into that, sorry.

More details on the way as soon as I find $100,000 in my PayPal account… Donations anyone?

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