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Now an Amazon Associate...

The work table. My arrangement of wood and clamps held my phone to video. Such good bad..

When this COVID-19 pandemic started the Amazon warehouse in my neck of the woods began a hiring spree. It was briefly a consideration of mine. Instead I decided to lose money setting up a marketing company instead. Full circle is at this moment I am kind of employed by Amazon as a reseller now.

This evening I decided to make a very informal unboxing and setup video of the HUAWEI mobile wifi router that I mentioned ordering in a previous post. It was on my doorstep today and as I was carrying it in I figured why not do this. I already have a YouTube channel with a few random how-tos and whopping 31 subscribers. So with that I also signed up to the Amazon Associate program so I could create links to the items in the video and earn commission if a referral orders.

To hopefully make it more effective I am going to attempt to upload this same video on the Amazon page that sells this device. If that works that would be really cool.

Over this coming week I'm going to see if I can make a Facebook video ad for this product as well. There are many new features within Facebook Ads to test regarding budgeting campaigns, defining audience, and tracking. This seems like a good test. I genuinely like this little router too.

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