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Rebranding Wine, Muscadine

Chateau Elan’s winemaker Karen is unveiling 4 new and improved versions of our most popular Muscadine wines. We’re re-introducing these typically old-fashion southern wines as something more fun and refreshing than our traditional wines. With these particular designs most of my inspiration came from… Snapple! Bold colors, appealing fruit flavors… since everything these days is better when it’s ‘infused’ with other good stuff, it seemed to warrant the creation of our own original WINEFUSION brand.

wine label rebranding

The flipside to these front labels are the backs. These are our effort to make light–ok outright make fun–of typical wine descriptions. Being a grape native to the southeast, it seemed natural to poke fun with descriptions that recommend pairing the wine “with friends and when visiting Yankees.” You can view all the back and front labels on this handy promotional flyer (PDF).

Getting them approved by the Fed and the State … That took the magic of our Winemaker after many submission attempts and rejections, I still have no idea how we pulled it off.

Each design is 100% vector and I worked at about 10x magnification when illustrating to capture much of the details. Here is a bit of a zoom of the leaf and grape … Lots of semi-transparent layers to create highlights:

muscadine wine label

Close-Up of Muscadine Label

Over the coming weeks they should be appearing in Publix shelves around Georgia. Or purchased through Chateau Elan’s online wine store, or in the Winery’s wine market.

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