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Too long since an update…

Extensive social media work over the past year to build our huge audience for Chateau Elan has been happening. Monthly emails, and weekly promotions and videos have garnered us 36,000 some Facebook fans mostly in the Atlanta area. Twitter followers trail in growth significantly but Twitter is a different beast, people tend to tweet more than follow more. As a result most of our Twitter usage is responding and re-tweeting user tweets who logically tag #ChateauElan or message us @ChateauElan.

Our YouTube has been a big growth sector since we invested in an HD video camera and some video software (Adobe After Effects) which I can mix video, tweak audio, and create pretty nice intro/outro animations using our logos and text. The real secret isn’t the technology but having bold players like our winemaker who we can simply kick the camera on and he presents monthly information without a lot of re-takes. Knocking out a video recording in 20 minutes. Keeping it casual in nature helps, and works with the nature of YouTube where having something ‘well polished’ seems too commercial. The little mistakes here and there lend themselves to the nature of reality and not just a commercial.

In turn what I’ll do after recording; pull the video to PC, edit the video (trim out mistakes and bits), tweak audio, mix in a few extra pans of product if needed, and add in a nice opening and closing graphic to give it a more program feel… Once the video is done, I’ll render to quality but also a compressed state and upload to YouTube. Punch in a keyword driven description, sort it in the videos… We’ve punched these out within a day and it’s a lot of fun. Finally I’ll include the link in newsletters, website, and its pushed out automatically to our subscribers on social media.

Not exactly viral, but in the spirit of those who enjoy our great winemaker and process; our winemaker extracting himself from a 1840 gallon wine barrel:


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