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Background Ramble

I grew up playing in the woods or begging to go to Radio Shack.   I spent a large portion of a misspent youth fiddling with modems, experimenting with early computer graphics (“ANSI graphics”), and going deeper into the rabbit hole of bleeps and bloops as it pertains to connecting people’s ideas and graphics on computers.

Computer graphics was something I did.  The late 80’s and early 90’s was a cool time to see computer graphics make their way into mainstream entertainment like video games and movies.  I ended up wanted to get better with traditional drawing and painting in high school so I focused on that and found myself in the studio art program at the University of Georgia.  I never quite got the knack for an entirely digital-free mode of doing things, especially given the option of working in early 3D printing through a sculpture program.  My last few years I ended up in 3D computer design and animation before finally being told to leave with a degree in something new called “Digital Media” back in 2002.  UGA now has actual courses and a curriculum in digital media but it was new territory then.   As a result I continued to pursue dish washing until a winery and resort in north Georgia lured me in for the next 15 years doing website marketing and design full-time.

I get lost in thought with regards to how interconnected media is.  It forms a landscape of information around us and frequently seems to be in continual need of mowing, trail building, and sign making to help people find their way around.  I’ve enjoyed seeing the line between digital and print mediums become less distinct each day from big screen digital billboards to smart phone coupon clipping.

I’m hands-on each day with a variety of design file formats and how to apply them across variety of print and web.

Projects include, in no particular order…  logos, brochures, posters, banner displays, food and wine labels, sales slicks, custom logo products,  vehicle graphics, t-shirts, bumper stickers, websites and content management, digitally touching up logos and photos, good ‘ol business cards,  power point templates, email advertising, general graphic layout for magazine and newspaper ads, video editing, social media promotions, online and search engine advertising… The Adobe Creative Suite is my tool of choice.

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