• Tom Purcell

Wine Label Designer :: Two New Wine Labels

These are two wine labels I designed for Chateau Elan’s two newest wines; Scarlet 211 and Belle 211.

These are essentially a Chardonnay and Shiraz at the moment. However by dubbing them as American White and American Red, our Winemaker Peter has creative license to blend additional types of grapes to control the flavor in future releases of these wines. Considering Fed and State approval of alcohol labels can take months, this allows us uninterrupted production and sales without having to go through the re-approval process in the future.

I felt strongly about the titles Belle and Scarlet and how the terms encompass a sense of Chateau Elan’s affluent, French, and Southern influences. Both carry meaning in various contexts of the South, and together with the higher quality of wine being produced will merit Chateau Elan. These are brand new wines produced in the Chateau Elan Winery by Peter Kasprzak. They will be released this weekend.

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